Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catholic Communication in a hi-tech world

Last Sunday, we celebrated World Communications Day and our Archbishop Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam launched the HERALD's new website at the Church of the Divine Mercy, Shah Alam.
HERALD is a Malaysian Catholic weekly, which recently got controversial when it challenged the Federal Government's ban on its usage of the word Allah.

As a parishioner of St Thomas More which had been under the care of the Jesuits until very recently, we were used to Fr OC Lim's (a former lawyer) fiery sermons that we should fight against any form of subtle religious persecution which one of it is the stop on our usage of the word Allah in our publications and Bibles.
Fr OC Lim was recently interviewed by BBC (I wanted to link you to that video clip, which seems to be replaced by an advertisement now. Pat my husband managed to watch the clip on the BBC website yesterday) on the issue.

Since I started blogging, I've discovered so much creativity that Catholics have employed to evangelise our own and others. Below is such a funny one on the promotion of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, just before Easter.

In fact, Patrick Madrid is the one who taught us to reach out to ex-Catholics or soon to be Catholics through technology. He walks his talk. Visit his blog and website and you'll see how he maximises new media to reach out to a modern world.

You can download his podcast, mp3s and what nots. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

In fact, Pat Archibald (my husband) taught me how to download the daily and Sunday missal through Avantgo (universalis.com). Hmmm... don't seem to be working now? Anyone has any idea why?

Last year, I really benefitted a lot from EWTN personalities like Fr Benedict Groeschel. There's also a famous Sister Angelica but somehow I've not downloaded her mp3s before.

We also have a pocket PC version of the Bible in our ipaqs, so that the Word of God is always with us. It's especially helpful now, that I'm in my thirsting for knowledge phase.

Recently through the blogs, I've found so many inspiring conversion stories of people from anti-Catholic families. They just blew me away. I really see how the Holy Spirit moves in amazing ways.

If you've read my first posting you'd know what a katak di bawah tempurung (a sheltered ignorant fool) I have been, to think it's mainly a one-way traffic of Catholics leaving the Church. Praise God, Hallelujah!

Anyway back to communication using technology, I'm so proud of my parish St Thomas More (STM), we are the first I think (pardon me if we are not) in Malaysia to raise funds through sms (text messages via handphones/mobile devices).

If you are currently reading this (in Malaysia) and feel a sudden burst of generosity, pls type STM (donates RM10) or STM5 (donates RM5) and send it to 36655, to help us build our new church brick by brick.

Maybe STM should put those PLEASE DONATE sign like these on its website quickly so that Catholics around the world (especially those Malaysian ones who are working or are now living abroad) can help us build our new home - a permanent and visible place of worship:

May Your Will Be Done (or in Latin Fiat Voluntas Tua) in our cyberworld...

It's Cool 2B Catholic, isn't it ?
God bless all those who visits this blog!!!!

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