Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gosh I'm back...

Hi all who follow my ramblings as a Re-learning Catholic of the cradle kind,

June was such a crazy month, in terms of work, travels and fund raising activities... and the inconsistent internet connectivity I faced at home. Indeed challenging.

Methinks, July might just be another similar month, if not worst in magnitude. But you know what, God is my strength and I shall survive and thrive in this journey call LIFE because of the Blessed Holy Trinity.

I was very happy last night that I delivered my very first handmade knotted Rosary which was ordered online (through gmail). It was so cool.
The person who ordered my Rosary actually blogged about my creations... I'm so happy about it. Thanks Suzanne. Check out her piece on my St Thomas More Rosary keychain (St Peter's keychain collection).

I'm also very happy that a couple from St Ignatius parish actually chanced upon my blog when researching St Thomas More, my parish patron saint. The great news is they saw my announcements about the two musical concerts and have shown interest to come for it with their friends....

Please Pat + Richard bring your friends and family... strangers... whoever. We need all the help we can get to build our new church.

From one Catholic to another - THANK YOU!

I truly enjoyed the choir camp I just returned from.... didn't manage to take many significant photos, but thanks to my other choir members, I get to savour the sweet memories when I see their photos of the event on Facebook.

I've so much to share today and yet time is running out.

Please pray for me and Pat. Pat and I are preparing ourselves for another phase in our walk as a couple. Will update you all soon.

May God bless you all abundantly in all areas of your life.....Amen!

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