Saturday, February 25, 2012

First week of Lent 2012

This year Lent is special because now I have another strong ally praying for me in the heavenly realm. She's my grandmother Mary Fam who recently returned to the Lord this 4th Jan.

She has always been a devout Catholic and I pray that God will give me the strength to pass on the faith through the generations.

I'm very glad my little Mary is picking it up. I'm amazed how she can sing the newly revised mass ordinaries pretty well now and she's not even three.

I know I'm being ambitious trying to explain what Lent is to her in simple terms, but her disinterest tells me mommy is not doing such a great job yet.

Just wanted to thank my beloved Blessed Trinity for the little pockets of peace I enjoy in your presence despite my current hectic lifestyle juggling family, career and ministry.

Without You I would really lose it. Love you to bits for loving the sinner in me.

Your loving daughter,

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