Friday, April 6, 2012

Guess What it's Good Friday 2012 And It's Pouring

I was just finishing up some work in the office before driving home when I paused to think about the rain every Good Friday at about 3pm (plus minus).

At that moment I saw it was 3.30pm and believe you not, thunder started and the sounds of the rain hitting the roof of the building was resounding.

It was a moving feeling that perhaps only Catholics appreciate (yes, we the symbolic signs and symbol people).

If you noticed after the 3rd Week of Lent I kinda stopped blogging as life was really throwing me an enormous challenge with my daughter falling sick regularly and my husband was away for work many miles across the sea.

To add to that, there was the usual busy preparation of those involved in church ministry as Easter draws nearer.

I was just floored. That is when I realised that I am just so weak without God and it was only with His help and those He sent to assist me during those "lonely" times that I picked up the pieces.

I am happy to say that my desert experience has ended and I'm so excited to experience the Easter that is soon to be upon us all. May you all have a superbly blessed Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter.

P.S. I'm still so happy looking at the fax I received from the Vatican confirming our tickets for the Wednesday audience with Pope Benedict on 18 April 2012. Rome sweet home, here we come...

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