Monday, April 27, 2009

Learn to Make Knotted Rosaries

Since this blog was written, I've been further inspired and have created many different variations from what you would read here. Best to visit Creative Catholics (just click on the link). Have a blessed day, Amen!

Before I blog further, let me show you a few of my limited edition Cradle Collection handmade knotted rosaries by yours truly, in the hope that you will sign up for my class this 1 May 09 ...

My second successful knotted Rosary after discovering the joys of making it when I returned from the recent RCIA retreat in Port Dickson. I use it to pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet these days.

Made this for a 50th birthday present to a good friend. It is a knotted rosary with a wooden cross made from Olive trees grown in the Holy Land - Jeruselam. For the first 3 people who pay and sign up for my class this 1 May 2009, you will receive a similar rosary as my gift to you for taking speedy action - which contributes towards building the St Thomas More church, brick by brick.

I used a Franciscan crucifix, similar to the one which spoke to St Francis of Assisi, to make this full length rosary. Remnants from it, was used for the little one-decade piece you see. The rosaries and medals were my gift to my newly baptised relative and Godsister Kerry-Ann.
Now, if you look at the right hand side of my blog, you will also see my entire collection (you have to visit my blog to see it cos' its now a constant gadget, below the FOLLOW button. While you are there, just click the FOLLOW button ;-) and follow me for updates on this blog).
As I'm not feeling too well, I shall keep this posting short.
May is just a few days away. Let us together seek our Loving Mother's intercessions to help us in our life journey.
I'm happy to share that my mother, who used to rarely pray the Rosary, is now praying it regularly. I'm very grateful as I'm one of the benefactors of her newly formed habit.

For those of you who are visiting the St Thomas More Family Day and are still wondering whether to sign up for the knotted rosary class, know that Mother Mary was said to have given a (could be the first) Rosary to St Dominic and it was of the knotted kind, perhaps similar to the one you will learn to make ... cool or what?
So see you Friday. If you are not coming, send someone to sign you up. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read my previous posting about the Family Day.
Cradle Collection Knotted Rosaries - Make Them, Pray Them and Help Us Build STM!

(You may find other high quality knotted rosaries here. Just click on the images below...)

Sacred Heart Sandalwood Hand Knotted Catholic Rosary Hj10 Knots flexible Chaplet with a large rose bead (blue)

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