Thursday, November 19, 2009

A challenge I can't resist

One-Minute Apologist
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My sister-in-law Bridget recently visited me at home and found on my sofa a book entitled "The One-Minute Apologist". She asked whether I could do a talk about Apologetics some day for her Sunday school students or something like that.

I couldn't believe my ears. Me to a talk on Apologetics? Well, I told her I've done testimonies and sharing about other topics but so far none on Apologetics though it is now my favourite Catholic subject.

So since it has become my new favourite topic, I told her that I'll take up the challenge. She said I might try to perhaps do some simple tracts on it for starters. I thought that it was a good suggestion.

Well, as long as God can use me as His instrument in any way, I shall be open to it. Please do pray for me....

Anyway, here is a link to Catholic Answers radio station and an interview with one of my favourite apologist Patrick Madrid.

Enjoy and learn...

With that I continue to pray for Pat's grandson Killian who's still fighting for his life - with God's help of course.

Goodnite my fellow Catholics and those coming Home soon... wherever you are.

(My all time favourite apologetic works. I'm a fan of Pat Madrid and Scott Hahn. Click below to find out more...)

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  1. Nice to see you here Pat. How's Killian doing. Still praying for him. *Hugs*