Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

New Year signifies new beginnings... a new chance at life. I'm so glad I'm Catholic cos' I can now start my new year resolutions and when they don't work out so well, I have another shot at them come 1 Jan 2010... just kidding.

Yes, today marks the new Liturgical Year. Ah huh, Advent has started. Turn your Sunday Missal to Cycle C and Daily Missal to Cycle II....if what I'm saying all sounds like Greek to you, no worries. It was to me till very recently (almost 4 years ago and I've been Catholic for 37 years. Btw, Greek is one of the languages of our Faith, so if you thought Greek, it's a good sign..*wink*)

Looking back at last year, I had my shares of blessings + misgivings which I'm sure are there to teach + test me.

Major blessings:
Expanding our family unit with the arrival of Mary Isabelle Archibald, our beloved daughter
Experiencing motherhood with all its joys + pains.
Having a once in a lifetime experience to help + see the building of a brand new Catholic Church - which is my own parish.

Lost two local spiritual leaders and friends from Servants of Yahweh Covenant Community - one was Ralph Curzon, who passed away earlier this year and just a few hours ago Benedict Lye. May their souls rejoice together with the saints + angels in the presence of our Blessed Trinity.
Lost my dog Rusty girl on 2 Oct. She died of a broken heart (since Mary Isabelle came home).

There's much more I would love to share. My new dreams, hopes and aspirations, but it's getting late and I need to sleep before mass in the morning.

Once again Happy New Year to all my fellow Catholics wherever you are....

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