Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blessings From Abba

Since I started going back to active work about 3 months ago, I can really feel my heavenly Father's hand guiding and leading me.

If anyone has ever taken a year-long sabbatical from work of any kind, you will understand some of the adjustments I was and am still going through as I once again join the corporate world.

Abba, I just want to thank you for the new clients you have sent my way and for the understanding of my existing clients of my new found responsibilities as a new mom.

I feel that with You, I really can do all things that others deemed impossible.

You know Patrick and I have an ardent dream to fulfill within the last quarter of the year. We pray You will continue to guide and lead us through this exciting yet challenging period.

May You use us to be Your testimony of great Providence and Love.

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