Friday, August 24, 2012

Quality time with my God daughter.

When I was growing up my Baptism Godparents were unknown to me. If you asked me how they looked like I can't even remember.

Perhaps, it's a Malaysian Chinese Catholic scenario. My first Holy Communion and even Confirmation was just a big deal during mass but after that there was no big family and friends gatherings to celebrate the event.

It is only after my marriage into a Catholic Malayalee family since 2001, that I realised what I've missed out all these years.

I discovered that all the Sacraments of the Church are celebrated afterwards with a big family and friends party either at home or in a restaurant with lots of pomp and splendour.

Mary Isabelle, my little three-year-old cradle Catholic, I'm so happy for you that so far you have had a great start.

I also discovered that many of my husband's family members have good to great relationships with their Godparents.

Compared to my almost non-existant relationship - it is to me, FANTASTIC!

Unfortunately, I have not been a very good Godparent. One reason, I think is we, Patrick and I, have too many Godchildren - both adults and children.

Doesn't help that my personality type is introverted and that I enjoy my own company the best.

However, this recent long Raya holidays, I've decided to start building relationship with at least one Godchild at a time.

So I made a date with Kimberly, one of our countless gifts from God, to go out and watch a movie last Tuesday.

It was a long overdue date which we were supposed to do for her birthday in January. As usual, things got busy and the date was delayed.

We watched The Wimpy Kid 3, a story about a teenager who was too much into video games and not into outdoor sports, a trait his dad wanted him to have.

It was funny and both of us laughed a lot. It also gave me the opportunity to explain some Americanised expressions to Kim.

After the movie, we had lunch at McDs and also her favourite dessert - ice shavings.

                                          Kim and I at McDonalds after the movie.

           Kim enjoying her favourite Sesame flavoured ice shavings after lunch...yummy.

But what I most treasured most was the moment she started to open up to me. Although it was just a few personal sharings about her life, but I was happy to be her listening ear.

I suddenly remembered what the facilitator of Mary Isabelle's Baptism told us, that Godparents play a very important role because sometimes when children find it hard to communicate with their parents, Godparents are the ones they can turn to.

Thank you Lord for that wonderful affirmation.

I was glad Mary Isabelle had some quality time with her Godmother that day too.

You see, Kim is my Godchild and Mary is Kim's parents' Godchild.

That itself is a story for another blog entry.

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