Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New logo launch

Today after so many months, I've finally taken some time to update this blog.

I have been busy living life in all its aspects.

Anyway, today I changed the logo of my blog. I designed it myself with my brand new S-Pen from my Samsung Note 10.1. A powerful machine indeed.

It may not win any prizes for design but it is done from divine inspiration.

That matters more to

Well, the new logo is in the shape of an eye. If you look carefully, it consists of two Cs.
One is the normal C, which is the left side of the eye and the other is a flip side of a C for the right side of the eye.

Then the inside the eye is the eyeball E.

So it spells CCE for Cradle Catholic Eyes.

I've been using green all these while even for my old logo because green is one of the liturgical colours of the Catholic faith - Ordinary Time.

It is also the main colour of the natural environment which God has entrusted us with.

Visually I feel this logo now gives my readers a better impact of my blog title.

I redesigned these because I've been working on a project which will be launched very soon.

So please stay tuned my friends.

Have a superbly blessed Wednesday.

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