Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's Holy Thursday Already?

It's Holy Thursday!!!

Wow, time just flew by this year. I still remember Ash Wednesday like it was just a few days ago, and now we are here - Maundy Thursday.

Although it's a working day, I just can't focus on the work. I'm 100% "distracted" by God.

I feel so lost, torn between what needs be completed and how I just want to be left alone dwelling and feeling close to Jesus.

No words uttered, no actions done, just the thought of being with Him and knowing that everything else, all the cares of the world will be taken care of.

This conflict is painful to my soul.

What helped was somehow I was given a chance to be in His House awhile ago celebrating the funeral mass of a famous Malaysian radio DJ Alan Zachariah. I was happy for Alan, for God had called him home to have a super duper Easter celebration in the spiritual realm.

Now, in between work, I'm stealing time to just pen down my feelings of longing for my beloved Lord.

As a mother, I too am extremely happy as I discovered that my little four-year-old Mary Isabelle's power of comprehension has improved by leaps and bounds this year.

She now can follow a little more the stories behind the Gospel readings and this year during the Palm Sunday mass she was so excited waving the palms which I told her was like a reanactment of Jesus being warmly welcomed into Jerusalem.

I told her before she left for school this morning that this evening we shall witness another important part of the story. This time Jesus will have a last meal with his very best friends and He will also wash their feet.

Mary seemed eager to see all that later this evening.

Of course, knowing my daughter she would be most happy to chow down on the Hot Cross buns for sale. What can I say, she loves food.

Truly looking forward for the mass later for the songs chosen in our parish for this great day never fail to touch my heart deeply.

I feel so blessed. Amen.

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